Pandya Store Actor Simran Budharup Gets Rape Threats From Teenage Boys

Simran Budharup
Television actor Simran Budharup revealed she had to file an FIR after receiving rape threats online. Budharup is known for her role in Pandya Store.

Actor Simran Budharup plays the role of Rishita Pandya in Pandya Store. The actor used to ignore the negative comments made about her on social media, but after her character broke up the relationship between two characters on the show, she received messages abusing her, death threats, and rape threats.

Budharup lodged a complaint against her harassers and revealed that a group of kids aged 13 to 14 years had been harassing the actor and sending the rape threats and death threats.

Simran Budharup spoke to ETimesTV and said that she knew that if her character did some unlikable things she might receive hate, but “it went haywire when people started abusing and giving rape threats to me on social media”. After her character had broken up the relationship between two characters on the show, the negative comments on social media escalated to rape threats and death threats.

She added that the kids who had sent the rape threats and death threats had been given phones by their parents for educational purposes, instead, they used social media to harass and threaten the actor. “They didn’t know where to draw the line and what was wrong, so they started doing these things,” said Budharup.

Budharup also mentioned that she has a younger sister who is almost the same age as the kids against whom she filed the complaint. She said, “I feel parents should keep a watch on kids during this age because during this age, they don’t know what is actually right or wrong.” Budharup said she felt bad for the kids when she read the comments and realised that they were coming from young children. She added that if her younger sister had done something like sending rape threats and death threats, then “I don’t know what I would do to her.”

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