Simone Biles' Amazing Reply To Body-Shamers

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Simone Biles, USA gymnast

The extraordinary Olympian gymnast Simone Biles is the kind of athlete who makes you want to work out... she has a physique to die for and several medals from Rio under her belt. You don't need more validation than that, surely! And she's definitely an inspiration to girls around the world.


But even Simone Biles has to deal with body-shamers, who found a way to criticise her for some ridiculous reason.

Simone Biles Shuts Down Body-Shamers

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Simone Biles Shuts Down Body-Shamers

The 19-year-old Olympic gold-medalist on Tuesday tweeted a body-positive message (secretly showing the middle finger of course!) and encountered some body shamers who targeted her body using words like ‘Fatty’.


Her response takes the cake -- and that tweet  was retweeted more than 1,900 times and liked more than 16,000 times just a day later.

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You go, Simone!

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