Shut Vagina During Periods With This ‘Lipstick’?

lipstick shuts genitals to stop period flow

In the past, many doctors have developed many products, aimed at helping women take care of their body, particularly during menstruation. While some succeed, there is a long list of failed attempts.

Many have voluntarily escaped from knowing or doing anything related to this taboo topic. And many, despite having the talent to create products that would actually aid women in those days, have designed nothing that we women could proudly call ‘spot on’.

Adding some bizarre fuel to the world of invention, Kansas-based Dr Dan Dopps claimed to have designed a ‘revolutionary solution’ to periods. The ‘genius’ believes that his product — currently called ‘Feminine Hygiene Lip-Stick’ – has been manufactured to glue up the labia to prevent menstrual flow. Flew right off over the head, didn’t it?

So in simple terms, the doctor worked on a product – that has been given the shape of a LipStick! (Don’t wonder why because you won’t find any logic there!) – And if applied on genitals, it will seal up a woman’s vagina during her period. Wondering why would someone do that? NO reason. I repeat… NO PARTICULAR REASON! Let me give you more details. After happily storing menstrual blood in your vagina (so hygienic!), you can flush it out when you wish to use the toilet.

Want to know more about this mastermind? Dr Dopps is a chiropractor and if you’re thinking that he mastered in gynaecology, then you are very very wrong. While Dr Dopps is unfamiliar with feminine hygiene products, he is also the founder of Mensez Technologies, developer plus patentee of the product.

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Mensez has recently announced this ‘breakthrough technology’ by posting this harmless ad. And since then been the favourite target of trollers. We are happy that this post came into our notice, not because it makes sense, but what he termed as revolutionary, for women around the world it turned out to be a matter of ROFLing.


Those who have given Dr Dopps’ pitch a read, would mostly be outrageous by the language he used.

‘Have you ever [woken] up with your lips stuck together? It didn’t hurt and was kind of fun. All you had to do was to wet your lips from the inside with saliva and they became unstuck’, his Facebook post reads.

He says the product is a ‘feminine hygiene lip-stick’ to give women ‘freedom and greater control of their lives’. What he refers to as a ‘safer solution’ would be impure blood trapped inside, causing severe internal damage.

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He further describes how the product has been made with ‘natural combination of amino acids and oil in a lipstick applicator’. Dr Dopps was reluctant to openly mention the word ‘vagina’ and hinted it as ‘lips downunder’.

‘Urine instantly unsticks the labia and allows everything to wash out into the toilet,’ he explains.

While this enraged protesters, I am thinking of the time when life was simpler, and women were having so much comfort using Sanitary Pads, Tampons or the latest Menstrual cups.