South Korean Drama ‘Shooting Stars’ Episode 15 Release Date Announced; Read Details

shooting stars episode 16 release date
Shooting Stars ongoing South Korean television series starring Lee Sung-Kyung and Kim Young-Dae, is about the romantic love story of top star Gong Tae-Sung sharing a love-hate relationship with Oh Han-Byul, the PR team leader of his management agency Starforce Entertainment.

Shooting Stars Episode 15 Release Date

The K-drama also depicts the lifelike set-up of people who work for celebrities behind the scenes in the world of megastars in South Korea.

In the final week of Shooting Stars, Gong Tae Sung and Oh Han Byul’s relationship might be known to the public. In episode 15’s preview, Choi Ji-Hoon calls Gong Tae-Sung a CEO. The actor also begins indicating his affection toward Oh Han-Byul regardless of being in public. Although both of them are already dating, he still has a lot of things which he does not know about her.

Entering a deal with Park Ho-Young, he asks her about the things she knows about Oh Han-Byul. In return, the actor gives her a list of everything he knows about Kang Yoo-Sung. At the end of the preview, he is told by the PR team leader about her what the other people do not know yet. 

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Lee Sung-Kyung, the South Korean model, actress and singer, is best known for her roles in the television series Cheese in the Trap (2016), The Doctors (2016), Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016), and Dr Romantic 2 (2020). Kim Young-Dae is best known for the MBC high school drama Extraordinary You (2019). Also, appearing in the SBS television series The Penthouse: War In Life (2020) and the KBS2 television series Cheat on Me If You Can (2020), Kim took on his first leading role in the tvN television series this year.

In the previous episode, Gong Tae Sung confronted Lee Yoon Woo’s manager, Yoo Gwi Nong, breaking to him that he knew he sent him threats in red envelopes. Meanwhile, Park Ho-Young started feeling nervous since her now-partner  Kang Yoo Sung, is popular among women.

After all the issues they went through, Gong Tae-Sung and the World of Stars team wrap up filming and at the end of the episode, Choi Ji-Hoon sees Gong Tae Sung hugging Oh Han-Byul, confirming his beliefs that the actor might be dating someone.

Shooting Stars‘ episode 15 is said to be released on June 10 during the K-drama’s final week before the last episode airs the next day, June 11. It will air at Eastern Time: 9:40 AM.