Shocker: Bhuj College Girls told not to use beds, eat at dining room during periods

bhuj college girls
After a college principal in a Bhuj college forced 68 girls to remove their underwear to prove they weren’t menstruating, an NCW inquiry has revealed that the all the female hostellers were made to give their consent that while menstruating the girls will not have their meals in the dining hall and will not be allowed sleep on their beds, rather will sleep on the floor during the admission process.
An NCW member from Gujarat Dr. Rajul Desai along with Advocate Malshree Gadhvi, DLSA held a meeting to discuss the matter with Institute’s administration, wherein they were informed that administration was unaware of such a practice being followed in the hostel. The three female staffs held responsible are suspended from Shree Sahajanand Girls Institute where the incident occurred.
The girls told the committee that they didn’t have an issue with this practice and the only issue was with the way of checking whether the girls are having their periods or not. They told that the hostel warden maintains a register to keep a tab on all the girls and when they are menstruating.
Desai called for a legal awareness programs in the hostel auditorium where she made the girls aware about one stop centre, 181 women helpline and various legal rights of girls and women.
“The aim of an educational institution is to bring social transformation and it includes changing the orthodox stigmas. In 21st century if this incident has happened then this is a shameless state for us and we will get down to the roots of this issue,” Desai told reporters.
On 13 February, Shree Sahajanand Girls Institute’s principal Dr Rita M. Raninga reportedly paraded the hostelers from their classrooms to college washrooms amidst their lectures to check whether they were menstruating or not after the hostel warden alleged that some girls were entering the hostel kitchen and mingling with other hostelers while menstruating.

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