Kerala: Marriage can wait, Patients cannot says Dr Shifa Mohammed

Dr Shifa M Mohammed, a house surgeon who prioritized her patient’s life over her marriage. Read her story:

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Shifa Mohammed corona warrior

Marriage is a very important day in everyone's life. No doubt about that. Everyone wants to look their best and hope the day goes by without any obstacles. But for a Kerala based doctor Shifa M Mohammed utmost happiness comes from serving her patients who are in need.


The big day

Shifa M Mohammed is a house surgeon who prioritized her patients' lives over her marriage. Such was her dedication towards her profession. Sunday 29 March, was supposed to be the big day in her life as she was all set to marry a Dubai-based businessman.

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Dr Shifa M Mohammed corona warrior

However, Shifa Mohammed decided to call it a big day in other terms. She decided to postpone her marriage and instead of bridal finery, the young COVID-19 warrior donned the personal protection equipment (PPE) that day and treated her COVID-19 afflicted patients struggling for life.

“Marriage can wait, but not my patients” is the simple reason behind her tough decision.


Proud father

This is what Shifa’s father Mukkam Mohammed has to say on his daughter’s decision. “In every girl’s, life wedding is an important event. But my daughter has put her social responsibility and professional commitment before her personal needs. When she suggested postponement of her wedding, we readily agreed to it,” HT reported.

“When we approached the groom Anus Mohammad, a businessman in Dubai, he also readily agreed to it. I am a social worker and my wife is a teacher. Both my daughters have imbibed this spirit from our social work,” Mohammed added.

Mukkam Mohammed is a leader of the Nationalist Congress Party and LDF district convenor in Kozhikkode. His elder daughter is also a doctor, currently posted at the Kozhikkode medical college hospital.

Humble gesture

Dr Shifa wasn’t keen to talk about her decision. She just said “I didn’t do anything great. I did only my duty. I don’t want to talk about it much. There are many like me who postponed their personal engagements. I am only one among them,” she said this over the phone after coming out of the isolation ward.


She went on to say “It is true, on marriage day I was in the corona ward and some of my friends teased me saying I was dressed in my best attire (PPE). But I always enjoy serving my patients. I don’t want to talk much about it as I did my duty only.”

She added that as a house surgeon, she can’t talk about her patients and other details.

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Coronavirus cases

The number of cases has gone up significantly in the country. On Friday morning the total number of corona positive cases rose to 2,310, out of which there were 2,088 active cases, 157 people were cured and 56 people have died. Kerala has reported two disease-related deaths and 234 people are in isolation wards.

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