SheThePeople and Vedica partner to launch the Women Writers’ Festival 2017 in New Delhi

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SheThePeople.TV and the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women partner to launch the Women Writers’ Festival 2017, which will provide a forum to discuss issues that shape the woman professional of the 21st century, or impact women in the workplace. This festival will be held on the Vedica campus at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, Adhchini, New Delhi on 24th-25th February, 2017.


Women Writers Fest

The Women Writers’ Festival 2017 will focus on themes around women in the workplace - how we must think, and what we must do to inspire more women to pursue meaningful careers. The work of non-fiction writers, business journalists and academics will shed light or offer an insight into the changing landscape for women professionals.

Is there a Venus way of management? Do enough women write on business issues? Why are there such few women bestsellers in the country? How have women managed to navigate professional spaces alongside motherhood? Who are the men of feminism and do they believe the glass ceiling has been shattered?

The panel discussions at the Writers’ Festival will bring up these issues and much more, with pre-eminent writers including Monika Halan, Bahar Dutt, Aparna Jain, Veenu Venugopal, Mala Bhargava and Yashodhara Lal to Namita Gokhale, Urvashi Butalia, Nishita Jha, Bee Rowlatt, Amrita Tripathi, Shaili Chopra, Sonia Golani, Shreyasi Singh and many more.

SheThePeople.TV is India’s biggest storytelling platform for women and inspires new dialogue, exchanges leadership ideas, fosters networking and reinforces the  ability of women to contribute to growth. Founder Shaili Chopra says, "We need to celebrate writing across genres, way beyond literature. We have women ahead in screen writing, short stories, business and entrepreneurship, fiction, environment, some fantastic columnists and more. As part our effort to do more with writers across India, this is a first of a kind festival that promises to ignite rising minds."

The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women is a re-imagined MBA programme for women and believes in the interconnectedness of business, society and politics. Founding Dean Anuradha Das Mathur believes “Vedica is committed to building a cadre of women professionals for the 21st century. But nothing thrives in isolation; it needs a reinforcing ecosystem. The Women Writers’ Festival will provoke thought, words and future action. It a step towards a more equal society.”


This festival aims to focus the dialogue around women as professional assets in and for the world. The festival will also feature professional workshops and break-out sessions on topics ranging from personal finance to social networking, as well as thought-provoking and relevant performances. The festival promises to ask the right questions, and hopefully leave the audience asking many more.

For further details, contact:

Hemant Chandiramani (SheThePeople)


Mohini Gupta: +91-9873445120  (Vedica)


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