His Daughter is Waiting For Her Dad: Wife Of Air India Captain Harsh Tiwary Breaks Down

Wife of Pilot breaks down
Wife of Air India Pilot breaks down: Captain Harsh Tiwary, who passed away from COVID-19 in Delhi on May 30, said that even almost ten days after his death, his five-year-old daughter is still waiting for him. She hasn’t been informed yet, Mridusmita Das Tiwary told NDTV, recalling how he should have been treated as a frontline worker and vaccinated against the disease.

Five senior Air India pilots – Captain Amitesh Prasad, Captain Prasad Karmakar, Captain Sandeep Rana, Captain G P S Gill and Captain Harsh Tiwary – succumbed to COVID-19 in May, 2021. The youngest of them, Tiwary, was just 36.

Delhi-based Tiwary, who was serving as the first officer in the airline, is survived by his wife, a five-year-old daughter, parents and sister. Das Tiwary breaks down while talking to NDTV and said that she is currently in Haridwar to perform the last rites of her husband. “My in-laws are old. They are retired. I have a five-year-old. We had just started our lives,” she talks about the crisis her whole family is facing now. Read about Martyred Pilot Samir Abrol’s wife Garima who is now a flying officer with Indian Air Force here.

Wife of Air India Pilot breaks down: My daughter doesn’t know about her father’s death. She is waiting for him to return from the hospital.

“I’m only sad that due to a lack of vaccination, he had to lose his life in the line of duty,” she said. Captain Tiwary was in charge of operating the Boeing 777 fleet since 2019 after joining Air India in 2016. He was actively involved in operating flights under the Vande Bharat Mission (VBM), flying in stranded Indians from various parts of the world.

The mother said that her five-year-old is waiting for her father to come back. Das Tiwary said she told her daughter that her father is in a hospital, undergoing treatment, although she keeps asking why he’s taking so long. “She’s not used to being without him,” the mother said emotionally. Tiwary last flew on April 21 and was diagnosed with the virus on May 9. On May 12, he was admitted to a Noida hospital. Read on to know more about all-women crew pilots who supplied Oxygen to Bengaluru here.