A Lot Of Mental Violence: Actor Shefali Jariwala Opens Up On Divorce From Harmeet Singh

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Shefali Jariwala on divorce from her ex-husband, taboo surrounding separation, and what she feels about adoption and motherhood. The actor-dancer is prominently known for her work in the 2000s.

Known to millennials as the Kaanta Laga girl, for her noteworthy appearance in the 2002 song, Shefali Jariwala has opened up about her former marriage to singer Harmeet Singh and what led their relationship to divorce. The 38-year-old actor claims there was “mental violence” in her first marriage between 2004 and 2009 and that she was not being “appreciated” anymore.

“Not every kind of violence is physical. There is a lot of mental violence that also happens and you are very unhappy in your life,” Jariwala said in an interview with Times Now.I think, one of the reasons why I could make the decision for myself, was because I was independent. I was making my own money.”

Shefali Jariwala On Divorce And Finding Love Again

Jariwala had filed for divorce from Singh, one half of the singing duo Meet Bros, only some years after marriage with the union ending on a fiery note in 2009. She had alleged severe discord, while Singh in later interviews claimed everything was sorted between them.

“Divorce is considered to be taboo but the way I have been raised, is to not really care about society but just do what we feel is right. I could take such steps in my life and had strong support:” Shefali Jariwala on divorce

She married television actor Parag Tyagi in 2014. The two have appeared in the dance show Nach Baliye together for two seasons. They have no children but Jariwala has previously said the couple is keen on adopting a child.

“From the moment I have understood the meaning of adoption which was when I was, 10 or 11, I always wanted to adopt a child. It is difficult, especially when you can have your own children. There is pressure from the society, from friends and family, but Parag and I spoke about it and we want to adopt a girl child,” she told media.

She was last seen on screen in Bigg Boss Season 13 in 2019. In recent times, Jariwala has been sharing COVID-19 and vaccine-related updates on social media with over a million followers.