Sharat Jyotsna Shares Tips On Reducing Usage Of Plastic In Daily Life

Sharat Jyotsna works as a active volunteer to help with solid waste segregation. She says we need to stop using plastic disposables. " it’s hardly used for 30 mins and is thrown away only to add more, to the already existing Garbage piles."

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Sharat Jyotsna

Meet Sharat Jyotsna a mum who is leading her life by example. We were thrilled to find a video on her where she had completed her set of chores at home and on a festival day, thought of spending her time collecting plastic in one of the busy junctions in Bangalore.


We reached out to her and to our luck; she agreed to share her story. According to her, she is a true Bangalorean by heart, has worked in corporates for about a decade and then took a sabbatical to enjoy motherhood. She is now the Resident Editor for the only Kannada morning daily newspaper in Delhi, called “Dehali Vaarthe”.

She is also an active volunteer for Solid Waste Management with HSR Citizen Forum (HCF), Bangalore Eco Team, Trashonomics and takes sessions on sustainable living across Bengaluru and beyond.

Talking about her journey with Mums and Stories, Sharat Jyotsna says, “ I was an average student in academics but loved to take up new challenges and would try doing things differently. I have two siblings and it was fun growing up with them. I didn’t need many friends because I had them as my fun partners in crime.

As a kid, I would hate wasting water or electricity and would always use it wisely, and kept bugging my family on the same."

Later years I did spend a lot of time volunteering for social causes and that did made me realize the importance & need of our environment.

'I am currently the Resident Editor for the only Kannada morning daily newspaper in Delhi called “Dehali Vaarthe”. It was founded 16 years ago by my Father, KR Renu. It’s cool when your father is your Boss, right? Every day is a new learning for me and my dad is currently training me for the next level. I also assist him in the operations of our Newspaper.


Sharat Jyotsna Eco warrier mum Sharat Jyotsna

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I started to volunteer 3 years ago for a NGO called HSR Citizen Forum in HSR layout in Bangalore and that’s when I understood the need to live a sustainable life. I volunteer for activities like – Tree plantation, Waste segregation drives, Black spot beautification and fixing, Eco friendly clay Ganesha workshops during Ganesha festival, Seed Ball events, Trashnomics, Sustainable Menstruation and Composting.

I also take sessions on sustainable living for Corporates , Schools , colleges, Apartments etc.

I have always been passionate about cooking. My grandma and mom have been great cooks; they taught and shared authentic Kannadiga recipes.

That’s how my latest Venture “Uppu Huli Khara” with my siblings started. We have participated at various food stalls ( Sunday soul Sante, etc ) and also cater to small gatherings as of now. My family has been very supportive on this, both in laws and parents side."


This energetic mum also finds time to actively talk and take action on causes she believes and one of them is on child trafficking. She shares with Mums and Stories, “Child trafficking is one of the biggest crime rackets happening from decades now. It pains to see small kids at traffic signals, temples etc.; begging for food and money. So yes, am doing my bit by posting and sharing missing children’s’ details I do hope they do get re-united with their families.

Stop using one time plastic disposables.- Why? Because it’s hardly used for 30 mins and is thrown away only to add more, to the already existing Garbage piles.

Taking a sabbatical, enjoying her time to spend time with her family and involving her son too in eco-friendly causes, this mum has few key points on how one can reduce plastic.

A) Stop using one time plastic disposables.- Why? Because it’s hardly used for 30 mins and is thrown away only to add more, to the already existing Garbage piles. It also takes a lot of time and revenue to create such products, which is ultimately discarded mindlessly by educated fools. Example :- Plastic plates, spoons, cups, bags, covers etc. Instead use reusable cutlery, containers, cloth bags etc.

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B) Always carry a cloth bag with reusable cutlery with you while travelling. Carry your own steel water bottles instead of buying mineral water. This helps in reducing dry waste like plastic and paper


C) While taking parcels from restaurants take your own containers and boxes to get the food parceled.

D) Stop using plastic straws for tender coconut water and juices. Instead buy steel straws and keep them handy while going out specially with kids.

E) Host Eco friendly Parties and functions. This will surely reduce more waste from being generated.

Lastly Sharat Jyotsna feels it's important to talk to kids on how to conserve nature and it’s valuable resources. If possible take them out with you so that, they get to learn by watching ‘You’.

I have a son and always make sure he knows what I am doing or where I am going. After I get back from work, I run him through my day and show photos on the same, so that he can relate well. Whenever he’s free, I take him along with me and he loves to tag along and volunteer with me.

It’s been a fantastic journey for me. I do my bit wherever I go. Be it here or on a holiday! The Eco nut in me never takes rest. There’s so much to do and learn but so little time. I am proud of myself and my son for being waste warriors and we are indeed looking forward to a great sustainable future!

It has also come to the point where it has become an obsession now !! People stare at me thinking am crazy. I start giving ‘ gyan’ whenever I see there’s an opportunity. There’s nothing you cannot do, especially when you are a Mother.”

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