Shami Shuts Down Haters Who Trolled Him Over Wife’s Attire

Moral policing over Mohammed Shami’s wife for wearing a “sleeveless” gown

What does the term “un-Islamic” really mean? Doesn’t making sexist comments fall in the category?

All India’s strike bowler Mohammed Shami did was post happy family pictures with his kid and gorgeous wife Hasin Jahan. Instead of complementing his gesture, many Muslim extremists only noticed — what in their term called unethical — and criticised, or rather ‘trolled and abused’ his wife for wearing a “sleeveless” gown.

Some even went on call Shami “un-Islamic” just because the dress his wife had chosen was western attire.

Moral policing over Mohammed Shami’s wife

On December 23, the Indian cricketer posted a picture with his wife and daughter on Facebook. Little did he know that this would offend the Muslim fanatics. Later, he was bombarded with 1500 comments, mostly regressive, though a few were in his support too.

Moral policing over Mohammed Shami’s wife

Moral policing over Mohammed Shami’s wife

Moral policing over Mohammed Shami’s wife

As expected, Shami took to twitter to shut down his haters and went on saying what his wife wears or prefers doing — or anyone for that matter — is completely their personal matter, and it’s none of their business.

Moral policing over Mohammed Shami’s wife

Many others, including former India player Mohammad Kaif, also came out in support of Shami.

Sir Ravindra Jadeja said:

Tweets in support of Shami:

When people start taking a dig at someone’s private life in a shameful manner, our celebs know how to give it back because let’s face it, before pointing at others, everyone should look at their inner-selves to see what good they are.

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