Traits of Indian Goddesses that modern-day women must embody

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Times have changed and so has the symbolism of our goddesses. Read on to know about the various traits of goddesses that the modern-day women should aim to embody.


It was unusual for women of mythological times to voice their opinions against the misdeeds done to them by the patriarchal society. Draupadi, however, grabbed every chance she could to hold a mirror to the patriarchy by taking a stand whenever she felt her dignity being compromised. Besides this, she never shied away from participating in her husbands’ political affairs. She openly cursed the Kauravas for disrobing her which compelled the king to offer her three boons. Draupadi reflects the modern day woman trying to break the societal norms by making herself heard in a world that constantly conspires to drown their voice.


Besides the external demons the modern day woman grapples with, there are a lot of internal demons as well that restrict her from being free. Fear, self-doubt, low self-esteem, lack of confidence are some demons that eat them up from inside. Taking a cue from Durga, women must start slaying their demons one by one to make peace with themselves. They must stop expecting anyone to come to their rescue and try to wage a war with their demons single-handedly and emerge victorious.



You are living in a utopian world if you haven’t come across any instance of women-related violence prevalent in our world. Solution? Relying on others to come and save ourselves from crime? No. It is time for women to find out their Kali side, bring out their inner strength, channelize the wild in them and learn the art of defending themselves. It is only then that they will be able to survive and attain psychological and spiritual liberation. The message is to transform your identity over and over again by battling everyone striving to put them down.

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Women, since eons, have relied on the male members of their family to fulfil their basic needs which, in turn, thwarts them from exploring themselves and keeps them in a shell.

The modern-day woman is venturing out, seeking education and talking money. And why not? Financial liberation is the first step towards empowerment and self-sufficiency.  Living in a world that doubts women and their abilities at every juncture of life, financial independence can be the best way to seal the mouths that disrupt their peace of mind. Wealth doesn’t buy happiness but it gives freedom, which is an important source of happiness.



Parvati always ensured that she is treated with equality and respect and not as a subservient wife. Not only this, she reciprocated the same. While marriage is a sacred institution -- giving an equal chance to both husband and wife to evolve themselves -- there are very few marriages where both the partners treat each other equally. For instance, a lot of partners sacrifice themselves at every point to appease the other one. This weakens the foundation of the relationship and fails to serve any purpose. Partners must realize that it is equality and not ego that nourishes the relationship.

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How many times do we stereotype people on the basis of their gender? Often. But how can we gauge the prowess of a person on the basis of their gender? It is sad that we forget that we are humans first and then “males” and “females”. We must try to see each other beyond gender, because it is only when this happens that we will start treating all genders with respect and give everyone their due. Women, in particular, should start believing in themselves, work on their strengths and achieve as much as they can without letting their gender become a “hindrance”.


Do people around you try to imbue you with self-limiting beliefs? In this case, it is time for you to use your “Shakti” and set boundaries for yourself. Women carry the power to move mountains with the limitless potential they have. They just need to transcend their boundaries and aim to touch the sky. It is only then that they will actually be able to do justice to the mental faculties bestowed upon them. And once they do that, they should inspire and elevate other women to do the same. That’s how they can rekindle the “Shakti” in everyone.



Sita had to bring up her sons single-handedly and she did it with elan. Her children turned out to be well-balanced and virtuous human beings who believed in worldly good. In today’s times as well, when instances of separation, divorce and single parenthood are increasing realities, we must stop shaming or sympathizing with single moms who are doing a stellar job by juggling among multiple responsibilities and trying to provide their children with a comfortable life. Single mothers are the epitome of unparalleled strength. They accept the gauntlet of raising their children with care and perseverance.

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