Five Highly Sexist Statements Yati Narsinghanand Made About Women

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Sexist statements by Yati Narsinghanand, a Hindu priest from Uttar Pradesh, are in the spotlight ever since his arrest over the weekend in cases of hate speech. The saffron-robed figure has of late surfaced as a highly incendiary public speaker, attacking both India’s women and Muslim religious minority in speeches that have gone viral on social media. He was arrested January 15 by Uttarakhand police.

From labelling women producing only one child as ‘serpents’ to derogatorily calling women in politics ‘mistresses’ of men, Narsinghanand is a repeat offender. Over the year, netizens with access to his viral speeches have called him out on several occasions for misogynistic statements.

Rekha Sharma, chair of the National Commission for Women (NCW), who has also been abused by Narsinghanand, had written to the Uttar Pradesh police demanding strict action against the priest for his remarks about women. Prior to his arrest, the commission took cognisance of the UP police’s “lackadaisical attitude in taking concrete action.”

“He is not fit to be part of civilised society,” Sharma said. More on Yati Narsinghanand here.

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Sexist Statements By Yati Narsinghanand That Went Viral

1. On women in politics

In August last year, Yati Narsinghanand went viral on Twitter after allegedly implying that women in politics were “mistresses” of the male leaders. “If she is not a mistress, she is relative of an influential political leader,” he added. His remarks were said between laughter from him and other men seated beside him. As per reports, the UP police filed three first information reports (FIRs) against him after NCW raised a complaint.

2. On Hindu women

A video that recently went viral showed Narsinghanand addressing a crowd reportedly in Haridwar where he told Hindu women to produce more and more children to defend their culture. “That woman who produces only one child is not a woman but a naagin (serpent),” he is heard saying. He adds that a home should at least have five to six kids and that having no child was better than having just one. Read here.

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3. On NCW chief

Following a complaint by NCW’s Sharma against him for calling women politicians ‘mistresses,’ Narsinghanand, using offensive language against her, questioned in an interview whether or not she and the commission had any knowledge. “Inme buddhi hai ya nahi hai?” Calling her a woman from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Narsinghanand continues to stand by the remarks he previously made and claims he is the greatest defender of women’s dignity.

4. On Muslim women

Sitting on the banks of the Ganges in Haridwar, Narsinghanand, in a highly communal speech, claimed to a reporter that Muslim women were ready to sleep with anyone in the name of their religion. Further in his expletive-laden answers, he goes on to dub all subscribers of the Islamic faith “criminals.” The priest also reiterates his belief that Hindus can save their communities by increasing the rate of reproduction.

5. On women not having sense 

In one of Narsinghanand’s videos shared online last year, he is heard saying that women hardly have sense and that the men around them should create an atmosphere of fear for them. “Sisters and daughters should be afraid that if they roam about with a Muslim, our brothers will behead us.” He says this, flanked by his followers, in response to an interviewer asking him about jihad. He adds, “Buddhi hi kitni hoti hai auraton mein? Auraton se main kya ummeed karoon?