Seven Ways To Enrich Your Writing Vocabulary

Every emotion deserves an expression that is true and precise. Many a times, we fall short of words while communicating. No matter how clear we are with the thoughts inside, it calls for the right word to come out. Also, for a writer, it is essential to have a good writing vocabulary.

So, we heard it from some women writers about how they enrich their writing vocabulary. Here is what they have to say:

Diversified Reading

As Kiran Manral says, one should be reading like a maniac across writers and genres. Where enrichment of vocabulary is concerned, a writer cannot limit herself to a particular genre. One should be willing to diversify one’s reading list to increase the word power.

Application of new words

Practice makes you better. The more you practise the words that you learn, the more you empower your vocabulary. Learning news words is essential but the application of it should rather be weighed more. As Yamini Pustake Bhalerao says, putting the new word to practice in speech and writing helps a lot.

Exploring synonyms

Jaya Obhan shares that she tries to explore as many synonyms as possible for a word. This is a way that she uses to enrich her vocabulary. Further, it is indeed advisable for everyone to refer a thesaurus and search for better alternatives for a given word.

Identification and replacement of empty words

We come across various empty words, be it in speech or in writing. These are the words that do not add any value to one’s writing. They can, therefore be replaced by appropriate words that fill in sense and substance.

Continue looking up new words

Learning is a continuous thing, and the same goes with learning of new words. Archana Pai Kulkarni says when she comes across a new word, she writes it down and uses it whenever relevant. The process, nevertheless, calls for consistency.

Listening helps as well

Listening to music and stuff online works for Shonali Advani. Also, there are many who support the fact that watching good movies have done wonders to their vocabulary. Not merely reading, listening to new words can also stick to your brain like nothing else.

Inviting Feedback

Things that an eye skips can be traced by another. The best way is to invite feedback from fellow writers as they prove to be the best editors. Words that are inappropriate or vague can be traced this way and can be followed by an apt substitution.

The above mentioned were some of the ways in which one can improve their writing vocabulary. What’s your trick? Share with us!

Pranju Daftari is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv