My Baby Inspires Me To Talk About Domestic Violence: Serena Williams

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A month after the US Open, Serena Williams, has demanded an apology for what she called a "sexist remark" from a judge. She called the fight a gesture of "women's rights and women's equality". She is also addressing another important issue: domestic violence. "I will continue to talk about uncomfortable topics," she told, "in order to make change".


The  23 Grand Slam winner spoke about how her 13-month-old baby girl, Olympia, inspired her to call out the issue. "Having a daughter changes your outlook on so many things in the world," she said. "The last year has really changed my already passionate mindset."

Williams, 37, has teamed up with Purple Purse, Allstate Foundation's program that is dedicated to raise domestic violence awareness in October and to help the survivors

After watching Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's televised testimony, accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault last week, Williams said it pains her "knowing could be in a situation like that".

"And, by the way, there’s a lot of other women out there that could be my daughter or my sister that are in an situation," she added. "You never know… Sometimes you meet a person and they’re amazing and a week later or a month later or a couple years later they turn out to be something different, and it's not fault."

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Williams gave birth to her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr, in September 2017. The tennis ace added, " can’t leave their situation, because they cannot financially afford to."

She explained. "We want to make them aware that's not okay... and provide victims a safe way out of violence through financial tools and resources."

"The message," Williams said, "is not just for women. It’s for men, as well. We need each other and need to help each other out. we can make change"

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