Scotland Woman Fined Rs 19 Lakh For Painting Her Front Door Pink

A 48-years-old woman in the New Town area of Edinburgh who decided to paint her front door pink but when she did, the authorities fined her for violating the civil code.

Avishka Tandon
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scotland woman fined for pink door
A woman in Scotland was fined a hefty amount of Rs. 19 lakh by the authorities for painting the front door of her house pink in colour. The authorities have asked the woman to change the colour of the door or else pay the penalty for it.

We often see people getting fined by the authorities for breaking civil codes like parking in a no-parking area, violating the speed limit or traffic signal, creating disturbance and nuisance in the neighbourhood etc. However, have you ever heard of a person getting fired for the colour of their door?

That's exactly what happened with a 48-years-old woman in the New Town area of Edinburgh who decided to paint her front door pink and was fined by the authorities for violating the civil code.

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Scotland Woman Fined For Pink Door


The woman named Miranda Dickson is a mother of two and she got the house as an inheritance from her parents in 2019. She spent two years in renovating the house according to Georgian style and added a matching pink front door to the house last year.

However, the City of Edinburgh Council has a rule that allows residents to paint their front doors only in muted colours and asked Ms Dickson to change the colour of her door to white or else pay 20,000 Pounds or Rs. 19.10 lakh as a fine.

In support of her decision, Ms Dickson reportedly said, "There's cities in the UK like Bristol, Notting Hill and Harrogate which are brightly coloured. Coming home and seeing my front door gives me joy, I'm proud of it,". She claimed that other properties in her area had brightly coloured front doors as well but they were not fined. She also said that she had received compliments from people regarding her front door.

Regarding the complaint issued by the council, Ms Dickson claimed that it was filled with malicious content and was 'petty'. The door has become a viral phenomenon on the internet and people are clicking and posting pictures with it. Despite the authorities' warning, Ms Dickson allegedly intends to re-paint the door in dark red colour.