Scientists Reconstruct Face Of 9,000-Year-Old Teenager

9000 year old teenager

Scientists have reconstructed the face of a teenager who lived 9,000 years ago. They wanted to understand what people looked at in that time. The teenager, Dawn, lived in the Mesolithic period around 7,000 BC.

The scientists concluded that both men and women of the time had more masculine features. Dawn, known as Avgi in Greek, died when she was around 15-18.

“Avgi has very unique, not especially female, skull and features,” Swedish archaeologist and sculptor Oscar Nilsson explained

“Having reconstructed a lot of Stone Age women and men, I think some facial features seem to have disappeared or “smoothed out” with time,” Nilsson said.

“In general, we look less masculine, both men and women, today.”

She has a protruding jaw because they probably used to chew on animal skin to make it into soft leather. It was a common practice at the time.

The teenager has a scowling expression. Asked why, orthodontics professor Manolis Papagrikorakis, joked that it was impossible for her not to be angry. Researchers said she may have suffered from scurvy and was probably anaemic. There is evidence that she had hip and joint problems, which is why she probably died early.

How they reconstructed her skull

Researchers took CT scans of the skull which had been discovered in a cave in 1993. The Theopetra cave was first inhabited around 100,000 years ago. They used a 3D printer to make an exact replica based on measurements. They mapped out her features by fixing pegs on her skull. They used data and information about the population of the region. Her bones indicated she was 15 when she died, but her teeth indicate she was 18. Other features like skin and eye colour were based on general population traits in the area.

The reconstruction will be unveiled at the Acropolis Museum on Friday (Jan 27).

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Picture Credit: Trendoliser