Love Jihad: SC Frees Hadiya From Parents’ Custody

SC quashes Kerala HC order

The controversial Love Jihad case has taken a new turn. The Supreme Court’s Nov 27 hearing was much awaited because the bench had called for an open court and Hadiya’s presence in it to hear her side of the story. Her father, who had earlier asked for an in-camera conversation between Hadiya and the bench, had to succumb to the bench’s decision of bringing her to the court.

SC has ordered that her parents cannot keep Hadiya in their custody anymore. They also allowed her to complete her studies at a homeopathy college in Salem

On Monday, Hadiya told the apex court that she wants “freedom and release”. The SC has ordered that her parents cannot keep her in their custody anymore. They also allowed her to complete her studies at a homeopathy college in Salem.

A bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices AM Khanwilkar and DY Chandrachud heard Hadiya’s side. She told them that she wants ‘freedom’ to live with her husband. She also told the judge that she wants to remain Muslim and that she is well aware of her doings.

The bench then asked her who she wants to name as her guardian in Salem, where she will return to complete her studies. She responded saying that she wants her husband as her guardian and that she does not want anyone else in that position.

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“A husband cannot be a guardian of his wife. Wife is not a chattel. She has her own identity in life and society. Even I am not guardian of my wife. Please make her understand,” Justice Chandrachud said, NDTV reported.

On her request of professing her religion, the bench told her that as a good citizen, she can profess any religion and be a good doctor as well.

The court asked her about her studies and whether she wants to pursue internship in house surgeonship at the state government’s expense. To this, Hadiya answered in the negative, saying that her husband is capable of taking care of her studies.

She also asked the court to let her meet her friend before moving back to Salem and the court agreed. It instructed the state government top provide her security in her travels. It also asked the Kerala police to ensure that she goes back to Salem to resume her studies as soon as possible. The bench has appointed the dean of her college, Sivaraj Medical College, as her local guardian.

Picture credit- The News Minute