Say Hello To 'Lakshmi', Country’s First Banking Robot

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Lakshmi, country’s first banking robot

Kumbakonam-based City Union Bank on Thursday introduced the first artificial intelligence powered robot -- India’s first banking robot ‘Lakshmi’ in Chennai.


Here’s what you need to know about her:

  • She is interactive and superfast.
  • CUB Lakshmi is the first on-site bank helper in the country.
  • She has been specially imported from France.

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Lakshmi, country’s first banking robot Pic credit- The Financial Express

  • Lakshmi's design took more than six months. She can answer intelligently on more than 125 subjects.
  • She is a multitasker and soon to be integrated to automation process.
  • Apart from answering generic questions, she is also programmed to connect to the core banking solution.
  • She will only display your financial information discreetly on the robot’s screen, will not announce it.

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  • Lakshmi currently speaks only in English, but engages in a very life-like manner in conversations.
  • In the next few months, City Union Bank will enhance her programming and develop it to greet customers in Tamil.
  • Lakshmi is scheduled to go public only on Monday. So if next time you plan to visit City Union Bank’s T. Nagar branch, there’s a chance that you’ll get to meet Lakshmi.


Feature Image Credit:  B3infoarena

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