Sasikala Convicted In Illicit Assets Case, CM Dreams Dashed

Sasikala by SheThePeople.TV

Tamil Nadu is going through a series of political theatrics and the latest update we’ve got is that VK Sasikala having been found guilty of corruption by the Supreme Court.

Putting an end to her bid to become the new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Supreme Court said that “VK Sasikala will go to jail for four years”, holding the AIADMK chief guilty of corruption.

She is now barred from contesting elections for the next 10 years

The two judges, who delivered their ruling separately, came to a common conclusion that Sasikala did indeed accumulate illicit fortune in the early 90s, and thus have decided to jail her for 4 years.

The case was initially hinged on J Jayalalithaa, but after her death in December last year, the accusations moved to Sasikala as Amma had misused her office to procure Rs 60 crore of assets shared with Sasikala and her male relatives (who were later disowned).

“The AIADMK is likely to elect a new leader — one possibly nominated by her — and file a fresh claim with the Governor asking for the new in-charge to be granted the opportunity to prove a majority in the assembly”

Source: NDTV

After Panneerselvam broke his silence regarding the Sasikala debacle, Tamil Nadu has been in political chaos. When the verdict was announced, Sasikala was on the outskirts of Chennai with her legislators who have been stationed with her to prevent switching their allegiance that would have affected her chance to be the CM.

Her move was criticised even by the Opposition who questioned her position and ability to rule without having any prior experience in politics.