A sanitary worker’s noble deed will reiterate your faith in the goodness and honesty of people.

It was a usual day for Maddela Lakshmi, who works at a local vegetable market in Hyderabad, on Tuesday (March 20) when she came across a small envelope in the dustbin. She opened the envelope and found Rs 1 lakh in cash. Since it was very late at night, she chose to keep the cash with her and returned home.

While emptying a dustbin, Maddela Lakshmi found an envelope with Rs 1 lakh in cash. The sanitary worker promptly returned the money to the person it belonged to

The next morning, she came to the market with the intention of returning it to the owner of that huge sum. Coincidentally, she saw a man anxiously looking for something near the dustbin. Lakshmi handed the envelope over to him.

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How the money ended in the dustbin

Lakshmi asked the man what he was looking for. The man, Javed, informed her that he has a chicken shop in the market. The previous day, while shutting shop with the cash collected, he had mistakenly thrown the cash-laden envelope into the dustbin. He explained that he intended to throw another envelope which had some unwanted items.

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Reward for the noble deed

Lakshmi handed the envelope over to him. Impressed by her integrity, Javed presented her with a reward of Rs 5,000.

Honest people like Lakshmi are a boon to society. It is their righteousness that makes the world a more liveable place. We hope her tribe increases!

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