Sanitary napkins: Need of the hour In flood-hit Kerala

Bhana Bisht
Aug 19, 2018 06:44 IST
Sanitary Napkins need of the hour in Kerala during floods

Heavy rains and the subsequent flooding in Kerala have created massive destruction in the state. With several people deserted from their homes, sanitary napkins and hygiene products are the need of the hour in the flood-hit Kerala, especially when it comes to women and children in relief camps and otherwise.


Government of Kerala, rescue forces, volunteers and citizens, across the country, are working to help people hit by the distress. However, a lot has to be taken care of considering a massive number of people in relief camps requiring basic amenities. These people, as many as 2 lakh in number, have lost everything they owned. And they are now struggling for basic hygiene requirements.

Struggles of displaced women in Kerala: Relief camps in need of sanitary napkins

One of the most urgent needs to these camps are sanitary napkins. Women and young girls, placed in camps, are under severe crisis because of the shortage in supply of sanitary napkins. Social media campaigns are on full swing ensuring that women don't face further distress of unhygienic circumstances amid this disaster. Lack of proper napkin supplies will lead to disease, ill-health and severe problems, all of which must be avoided.


What's Needed For Hygiene

-Sanitary Napkins

-Fresh under garments



-Clothes in one size fits all

Along with the high demand for sanitary napkins, fresh undergarments also need to be supplied on a priority. Diapers are another urgent necessity considering the number of small children who have been stranded. Volunteers, across the nation, are spreading word via social media platforms, explaining such importance. Many are even enlightening the public on what kind of napkins they should purchase.


Help appeal on social media

People, all over social media, are requesting volunteer groups and napkin manufacturers to act according to the situation. Everyone is spreading a word to make sure no relief camps run short of napkins. This is to make sure people, who are already displaced, don't go through more trouble.

Toiletries, undergarments, clothes, cooking utensils and water cans must be donated on a priority basis. Another important aspect is the need for diapers, mosquito coils, towels and medicines. Here are some tweets expressing a dire demand for sanitary napkins and other hygiene products:

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