Sania Mirza Harassed Online For Her Attire, Yet Again!!

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Ace tennis player Sania Mirza, who is often the target of sexist comments on social media, yet again found herself in an uncalled for situation where she was the target of religious fanatics.


Sania Mirza facebook post

The star player always takes on cyber harassment and I can’t argue that we learn so much from her on how to never ever allow such treatment by keeping silent. Recently, Sania posted a photo of her on Facebook in a gorgeous red dress and some religious extremists filled the post with ruthless comments. Soon, there was a flood of comments on Sania’s non-religion dress code and why she was wearing ‘revealing’ clothes.

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Some of the meanest comments are:

Sania Mirza 2Sania Mirza 3

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It is very depressing to see that this one particular player is making the country proud on the tennis court. In return, she expects a little respect but seems like that’s too much, isn’t it? A player like her would expect to be spared fanatical bashing on social media, right? But what happened was the exact opposite!

The multiple Grand Slam winner has encountered such bashing in the past too. Earlier, a Muslim cleric had issued a fatwa against Sania for wearing short skirts during her matches.

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And since then what she wears on or off court, what dress codes she prefers have been a subject of controversy.

Sania had opened up many times and confessed how it feels like to be objectified every time she uploads images on social media sites or how she feels when people start questioning her religious beliefs and culture.

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Not a few days ago, India’s strike bowler Mohammed Shami too was criticised and abused over his wife’s attire. Shami had posted happy family pictures with his kid and gorgeous wife Hasin Jahan, who was wearing a sleeveless gown in the picture. As usual, social media lost it and slammed him.

Unfortunately, Indians today judge a person by his/her attire but completely overlook what that person has achieved for the country. What a shame!

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