Virus No Joke: Mirza Reveals Her Battle with COVID And Staying Away From Her Son

Sania Mirza Fed Cup Heart Award, sania mirza covid

Tennis ace Sania Mirza took to Twitter to reveal that she had contracted COVID-19 earlier this year but has now recovered. She said she didn’t have any major symptoms and is “healthy” and “absolutely fine” now.

The six-time Grand Slam winner also confessed that the toughest part of being in isolation was “stay away from my 2 year old and family.”

‘This virus is no joke’

“I can’t even imagine what ppl and their families are going through when ppl are sick in hospital all alone and by themselves..it was scary as you aren’t very sure what to expect and hear so many different things and stories (sic),” Mirza said in her latest tweet.

Mirza noted that “this virus is no joke” as even though she took all the precautions she could but still contracted it. 

The 34-year-old further noted that she got a “new symptom every day” and so no one should take this disease lightly. Urging fans and followers to maintain social distancing, she claimed that “the uncertainty of it is extremely hard to deal with not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.”

She urged people to take necessary precautions like “wear your masks,wash your hands and protect yourself and your loved ones..we are in this fight together,” she said.

Last year, Mirza often posted her workout sessions on Instagram and sometimes we saw her dancing in a Zumba class on popular Bollywood numbers.

Talking about how yoga keeps her “calm from anxiety, she had also shared in the Zoom session, saying “My motivation to exercise comes from my love for tennis and to do something that no one has from this part of the world.”

She is also preparing for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics that is scheduled for next year. Sania‘s comeback at the Hobart is marked as an achievement since she stepped in a court after almost a two-year of maternity break. She missed the entire 2018 and 2019 seasons after giving birth to her son. The ace tennis player became the first Indian to win the Fed Cup Heart Award for her successful return to the court post motherhood. She donated the prize money to the Telangana CM relief fund.