Salwar Kameez To Replace Shirt & Skirt In Andhra Schools

Arunachal teachers punish girls

India’s lawmakers never fail to establish an intrinsic relationship between women’s safety and their attire. In an effort to keep female students “safe”, the Andhra Pradesh government has decided to replace the blue skirt-white shirt combination with the more Indian salwar kameez.

Education Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao told The New Indian Express,”The new uniform design will make them feel comfortable and secure, as it covers their whole body completely.”

The new rule will be enforced from the new academic session-2017 to 2018. The colour of the uniform has not been decided yet.

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to Chaitanya Singh, pursuing her Bachelors in Education, about the change.

“The government must understand that formulating all the rules for girls won’t help. They should leave something for boys also. Girls will feel secure in the real sense only when the people around them reform. Change should be brought about in the mindset and not in the clothes.”

Anchal Goswami, pursuing her Masters in Gender Studies, has an important point to make:

“It is appalling to know that the government has to take such measures to help girls feel safe and secure in an institution like school. Why are such regressive measures imposed on girls? Schools should try to educate girls and boys about the changes taking place in their body in a positive way. Also, what will happen once these girls are out of the school and face the real world?”

She adds that only efforts to educate boys and society in general will help girls.

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This is not the first time that the government is making it mandatory for girls to wear salwar kameez. The Karnataka government recently implemented the same rule for all the girls studying in government-run high schools.

Forget female students, the newly elected Uttar Pradesh government was in the news for asking their teachers to stop wearing T-shirts and jeans during their working hours. Western clothes, according to the government, compromise the dignity of the profession!!

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