Meet Sally Azar, Holy Land Jerusalem Church’s First Woman Pastor

Sally Azar
While there’s a surge in the number of women pastors in Churches around the world, the percentage remains fairly low when compared to male pastors. In a world, where there’s still debate about whether women can teach the bible or not, the Holy Land Jerusalem ordaining a woman from its own land sets a great example everywhere.

Reverend Sally Azar created history as the first Palestinian woman when she got ordained as a pastor at the Church of Jerusalem.

Woman Pastor Sally Azar

Reverend Sally Azar is now the first woman pastor of Palestine origin to be ordained in Jerusalem. Drawing inspiration from her father Bishop Sani Azar, Rev Sally studied theology and aimed to become a pastor one day. “It’s what I wanted, what I was called to do,” she said after getting ordained.

Her responsibilities as a pastor will include distinctive duties like leading services in church, masses and bible studies in not just Jerusalem but also in Beit Sahour for all English-speaking congregations.

“It’s a big, big day for the life of our Church, it’s an important step forward and it’s overdue,” comments Reverend Dr Munther Isaac, Lutheran Pastor of Bethlehem and Beit Sahour.

Why Jerusalem Church Ordaining Its First Woman Pastor Matters?

Jerusalem ordaining its first woman pastor is a great first step in serving as an example of bridging the gender gap. At a time when more women reverends are finding seeking their ground as pastors, for them to see the Holy Land itself recognise a young woman from its own space is encouraging.

For the unversed, the and of Jerusalem holds utmost importance in the history of Christianity because it is where the events shaped leading to the presence of the Bible. While the last decade has seen many women rising in the leadership of the religious vicinity, ordaining young spring women at such a place of significance is a fitting example for everyone.

Hailing the recent decision by the Church of Jerusalem, Antje Jackelen, recently retired Archbishop of the Church of Sweden, said this step is vital in the still very dominant existence of a patriarchal society. “Everywhere where you have a patriarchal culture, this is a major step.”

Stating that in her 40 years of being ordained, she hadn’t met a lot of people who were positive that a step like this could be possible, she said, “I have come across several people who didn’t think it was possible. But now they’ve seen women actually serving as pastors, as bishops, as archbishops, we know it works and we know that it’s actually in accord with the Bible. Sally Azar being ordained today is big for the local community too.”

Several supporters of Rev Azar’s ordainment came forward and said how she is the right person for the job, as she will not just challenge stereotypes but also introduce a new course of direction when it comes to guiding children equally.

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