Sallie Krawcheck’s ‘Own It’ Is The New ‘Lean In’

Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck, co-founder and CEO of Ellevest, an online investment service for women, has written a new book, which serves as a counterpoint to Sheryl Sandberg’s famous ‘Lean In’, which placed the onus of fixing the workplace on every individual woman, by leaning in, going to more meetings, and being unafraid to climb the career ladder. However, the book was criticised as some women said that they didn’t have the support systems to follow Sandberg’s advice. Even Sandberg has said that it would be difficult for a single mother to Lean In in the same way.

In contrast, ‘Own It: The Power of Women at Work’ urges women to leverage traits that they already possess at the workplace, and  even ‘opt out’ and  build their own businesses where they can build the work cultures that suit them.

The book urges women to take an active role in their future by owning the power they already have.

Krawcheck has climbed up the ranks of Wall Street — she has run Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, the US Trust and Citi Private Bank, and says that most often than not, she has been the only woman in the room and that she has always been the only person to question the status quo.

In her book, she says that she believes that her being a female and her different approach to business are related.

Instead of ‘playing by the boys’ club rules’, she says it’s time for women to build their own systems. She wants women to work for companies, buy from companies and invest in companies that treat women well.

“We need more women acting like women,” she says.

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