Why is Safoora Zargar’s Marital Status Important for trolls? The Case Update

Safoora Zargar Admission Cancelled

Young activist Safoora Zargar became the eye of a social media storm that questioned not just her integrity but also her marital status and pregnancy. Zargar, a 27-year-old Jamili Millia Islamia student has been in jail since April 1oth. She was charged with the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 2019 (UAPA) and since then her bail has been rejected. The MPhil student from the Delhi based university, has been put behind the bars for protesting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and is reportedly pregnant. Passing inappropriate remarks, social media took to commenting on her pregnancy, her marital status, talked of the DNA of the unborn child and more.

Zafoora’s husband said it was best to ignore them since trolls wouldn’t stop no matter what.

What’s Happened?

  • A 27-year-old student from Jamia Millia Islamia University has been suffering in the Tihar Jail since April 10. She was put behind the bars for protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act. 
  • The MPhil student is reportedly pregnant. As soon as this news went viral, the hashtag #SafooraZargar started trending on twitter, aiming at slandering the girl’s character. 
  • Many were ‘inquisitive’ about the marital status of the girl, while others threw disgusting remarks, raising questions over her activities during the protest.

Family Members Of Zargar Appalled And Upset

The hashtag, went viral after the BJP leader Kapil Mishra commented on her pregnancy. It was thereafter that social media brigade took over to pass derogatory comments. A number of obscene memes and posts went viral, talking of the DNA of the unborn child, and constantly raising a finger on the girl’s marital status. Over this, Zargar’s family has said that they’re appalled and upset.  “I don’t even want to dignify these trolls by responding to them, they will do what they have to,” Zargar’s husband told The Print.

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Adding to how people are disgustingly passing remarks on Zargar, and there’s no one to censor this content, Zargar’s sister said, “We are extremely appalled and distraught about this. I am shocked at the lengths people are willing to go to in order to malign her image. This is nothing but character assassination.”

It’s not just Zargar who has been booked under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 2019 (UAPA). Masrat Zaha, who is a Kashmir based photojournalist has also been booked under the law. In a recent interview with SheThePeople, she says, “I am a journalist and not a social activist. I don’t have any political agenda and as a journalist, our work is to bring out authentic and verified stories without any bias.”

The Accusation

Zargar is the media coordinator of the Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC) and played a central role in leading the Citizenship Amendment Act protests from Jamia Millia Islamia University, since December. She was put into the Tihar Jail on April 10 for leading these protests. Moreover, after her bail was denied a few days later, she was then booked under the Unlawful Activities Act, 2019 (UAPA). Under this act, she has been charged with 18 criminal activities including rioting, possession of arms, attempt to murder, incitement of violence, sedition, murder, and promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion.

Picture Credit- Asla Kayallakath/Twitter

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