Rwanda’s Marie Louise Uwizeyimana is an inspiration to many

Rwanda’s Marie Louise Uwizeyimana is a journalist and a media entrepreneur, who was recently declared journalist of the year 2013. Starting out as a freelance journalist, she went on to become an editor before she started her own newspaper last year.


Uwizeyimana told in an interview with All Africa that she decided to start her own newspaper to correct the flaws she saw in various publications she worked with. Even though she faced difficulties when starting out she continued to work hard towards her goals. In the interview she said, “…in journalism you have to be wary not to be influenced by the money, give readers value for money and give the worthy insights at the same time. You should never lose sight of your goals.”


With all of this to take care of Uwizeyimana is confident that she doesn’t wish to compromise on her ethics. She believes that journalists need to do their bit to respect the set conducts and contribute to development and progress through their work.


[Picture Courtesy: UNDP]

About women not being as welcome as men in the profession she says: “Some thought [previously] that women would not make it through the conditions, doing investigative pieces, going out to the field. At times women too lacked self-confidence or never wanted to perform. It is not as bad now, we need to sensitize women that they are as capable and can have a place too in the profession.”


As she continues to be an inspiration for many women in Rwanda and everywhere across the world, she hopes to keep up with the changing media trends; she confesses social media keeps her up at night. She concludes by saying that Journalism is about contributing to the progress of society and to positively transform society.