Ruth Evelyn Pranke, a 5-year-old girl from Minnesota, in the US was born with a condition called bilateral phocomelia. A rare condition which deprived her of arms at birth. Her condition, however, is not thwarting her from enjoying her childhood. She resolved to learn how to ride a bike.

Recognizing her ardent desire to cycle around, the parents sought help from some specialists. They created a device made from PVC pipes and braces which wrap around her back and connects to the handlebars of the bicycle, helping her steer the bike with her shoulder.

“I want to be like other kids” – R.E. Pranke

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‘I wanted to be like other kids,’ R.E. said to KSTP News. She didn’t want her parents to get her fitted with prosthetic arms.

Not only this, she uses her feet to complete most of her daily activities including feeding, brushing her teeth, drinking and colouring.

She is then able to steer the bike with her shoulders while keeping it balanced and she said it feels like flying.

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‘Just the freedom… I mean you should hear her giggle when she is able to do it,’ the mother told KSTP talking about the favourite part about riding a bike.

‘I want people to know that just because she was born without arms, she can do the same things as everyone else.’ she added.

Watch the heart-warming video :

The girl’s optimistic attitude towards life is commendable. The courage she exhibits is a testimony to the fact that it is one’s inner strength that determines how successfully and happily one leads their life.

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