Run your way to health: 8 Reasons Why Running is important

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“Run, Forrest run!”

Well, you might as well replace that with your name and set an alarm for yourself every morning. Running has been scientifically proven to have health benefits that extend well beyond any pill a doctor may suggest. Not only does running help you from falling prey to certain diseases, but also cures your mental and emotional health. Yes, this is the magic trick you had been looking for. Get on your sports shoes and unleash the health freak in you!

Here’s why running should be part of your health regime:

Weight Loss
Yep, without a doubt. Running makes you burn calories not just while doing it, but even post your exercise. “Afterburn” is a proven fact by scientists who term it EPOC – Excess Post Oxygen Consumption. Inspiration enough?

Stay Happy
This goes beyond any debate. We already know that exercise releases endorphins in our body that are also known as “feel good” hormones. No matter what your mood has been during the day, but once you have exercised, you are sure to feel much better and in a happier mood. It’s science!

Strong Bones
According to University of Missouri researchers, running strengthens bones better than any other aerobic activity. It increases bone mass, and even helps stem age-related bone loss.

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Longer Life
It is researched and concluded that people who run have added more years to their lives. Different people; smokers, nonsmokers, cancer survivors, have all added a few extra years to their lives because of this activity.

A run is good for health

Put on your running shoes for strong bones and a longer life ( Picture Credit: eatthis.com)

Reduced Risk of Cancer
Mind you, we aren’t saying that it cures cancer, we are saying that it prevents it; there’s plenty of proof for that. Research suggests that regular exercise is associated with a lower risk of certain types of cancer.

Stay Sharp
Studies have shown that regular exercise helps defeat age related mental problems. As you get older certain bodily functions become slow and it becomes difficult for you to comprehend certain things. Exercise helps in memory, thinking, language and even judgment problems.

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Sleep Better
If you’re an insomniac, there are chances that running will definitely help you sleep. A study suggests that those who have trouble sleeping slept one hour extra the day they exercised.

Breathe Easy
Running is also good for those with respiratory issues. Those suffering from asthma should slowly start this exercise and will eventually see results like less wheezing and shortness of breath.

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Run your way to health: 8 Reasons Why Running is important
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