Ruchika Sachdeva Wins 2017-18 Global Woolmark Prize

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Designer Ruchika Sachdeva of Bodice Studio has emerged as winner of the 2017/18 International Woolmark Prize (IWP) in the womenswear category.

Global fashion and India

In an interview with IANS, she said that as the world is becoming a smaller place due to globalisation, India too is opening up to global fashion trends.

In a report by TOI, she said, “As a designer, it is actually quite interesting because in a way, my job is to provide a distinct point of view on global fashion. Bodice Studio is about transcending trends and creating globally relevant clothing that draws on its Indian roots.”

Her winning collection

Sachdeva explained, “The collection also incorporates Kantha, traditionally used by women in Bengal to stitch together old saris into quilts. Traditional beliefs hold that the quilts are auspicious and will help protect the newborns wrapped in them through imparting the bonds of love between mothers, grandmothers and aunts that are stitched into the fabric, quite literally.”

Her collection includes bomber jackets, sleeveless coats, box pleated dresses as well as overlap tie pants. It incorporates a embroidery style called Kantha

All her designs were made from different weights of wool. The colour palette was inspired by Tyeb Mehta, a mid-twentieth century artist.

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Tyeb Mehta was a part of Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group. He was also the recipient of the Padma Bhushan Award.

Marketing Indian textile

Sachdeva believes that Indian textiles need attention as well as visibility.

In terms of what the western market should notice in India is, “The huge pool of design talent and the artisanal skills. It’s a winning combination that embodies international ideas of luxury using fine materials and highly skilled artisanship. Indian design and craft, when applied in a considered way, is hugely competitive both in terms of price and quality.”

“Our brand’s vision is to incorporate traditional hand weaving and surface ornamentation techniques where these fit with our brand aesthetic, and so, showcase how the rich tradition of Indian textiles can find expression in cutting-edge fashion,” she added.

She also said that there is a slow yet increasing growth of consumer market in India. Sachdeva also said, “There is definitely more willingness to experiment and a growing appreciation for good design.”

Sachdeva, is a graduate from London College of Fashion. There she worked with designers like Vivienne Westwood and Giles Deacon. She later came to India to start her own business.

Picture Credit: Livemint

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