Ronda Rousey creating a new wave in the history of martial arts

This story of is of real fighter. Ronda Rousey just won the second inning at being the first UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship. Rousey, a native of California, is a mixed martial artist, a top-notch judoka and an actress. First U.S. woman to earn an Olympic medal in Judo in Beijing in 2008, Rousey is also going to act in a film by Mark Wahlberg. Want to know more about this attractive lady who can knock you out of your sense, like literally? Read on.  

1.      Less than a minute is all it takes for Rousey to knockout a person. In the latest match, Rousey took not more that 34 seconds to knockout opponent, Bethe Correia. Before the match, Correia commented on Rousey’s father’s suicide. This enraged Rousey to the point that it actually helped her toss Correia down swiftly.   

2.      Rousey’s most powerful move is The Armbar. It involves bringing her opponent into the ground and trapping her arms between her legs and bending it back to the elbow. Known to be her signature move, The Armbar helps Rousey win the matches briskly.

3.      Rousey’s last three wins have not taken more than 64 seconds. Before Correia, she fought with Cat Zingano, who she defeated in as less as 14 seconds. Did you know that? The third match was with Alexis Davis, who tasted a blow in just 16 seconds. “I feel it’s a challenge,I want to silence every criticism one at a time, and I think I silenced one tonight,” said Rousey after the fight.

4.      The commendable trait of Rousey is her desire to retire being undefeated from the game. This is not all that is to Rousey, she has also been a top-ranked judoka in the US. “she was favored to become the first American woman to win an Olympic medal in judo,” according to her profile in the New York Times

5.      She has earned many accolades in a short span of time. It is almost indisputable that she is the best fighter in the world, according to CNN. “Rousey’s groundbreaking career is full of firsts and superlatives. She’s been called a pioneer, a megastar, a badass, a beast,” says a CNN report. 

Picture Credit- Sports Pickle