Rio2016: They’re fabulous at sport and have physiques to die for. Meet 4 Olympians who make you want to work out

4 Olympians who make you want to work out at Rio Olympics 2016.

Ria Das
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Simone Biles, USA gymnast

The Olympics Games are not just about showing off your bestest moves in front of millions of pairs eyes. They are also (whether the athletes like it or not) about displaying amazing bodies. Well, why not, since physique was very much part of the show at the original Olympics held in ancient Greece, when the all-male competitors performed entirely nude?


The 31st modern-day Olympics flagged off last week, and by day 7, we have already seen some of the hottest female bodies on display: on land, in water, and flying through the air. These women not only inspire us with their sports techniques, but make us realise how important it is to work out regularly.

Take a look at the most inspiring:

Dipa Karmakar: It is an absolute pleasure to watch India’s Karmakar performing a gymnastic act known as Produnov in the individual vault event. India’s first woman gymnast to qualify for the Olympics, the 23-year-old Tripura woman has a fabulous physique.

Dipa Karmakar performing a gymnastic act known as Produnov in the individual vault event Dipa Karmakar performing a gymnastic act known as Produnov (Picture Credit:

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Simone Biles: The extraordinary Biles of the United States of America just made a record by winning a second gold at the Rio Olympics. She is so utterly fit that she makes us confused: do we watch her moves as her competes, or watch her body? Arguably one of the best performers in the history of the sport, 19-year-old Biles defeated Russia and China in the team all-around by a wide margin and won the women’s individual all-around by a solid two points. With couple of complicated tricks and nearly flawless execution, Biles already has a move named after her.


Simone Biles performing her best land Simone Biles performing her best land (Picture Credit:

Serena Williams: Though she has been eliminated from the game at Rio after a shocking defeat to the Ukraine’s Elina Svitolina, Williams is already a cultural winner. If she’s hot enough to be in Beyonce’s music videos, she’s hot enough for us. Acquiring her perfectly shaped body is one of our major goals in life, given that we can’t achieve her feats on the tennis court.

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Serena Williams' #breaktheinterne body Serena Williams' #breaktheinterne body (Picture Credit:

Katinka Hosszu: The world record-breaking swimmer, Hosszu of Hungary won her third gold at Rio in the 200m individual medley and in the women’s 100m backstroke final. On Saturday night, Hosszu, nicknamed ‘the iron lady’, won gold in the 400m individual medley, beating the previous world record by nearly two seconds. Her body is simply fantastic. We’ll never achieve what she does in the pool, but we can certainly aim for her physique.

Katinka Hosszu's perfect shaped body Katinka Hosszu's perfect shaped body (Picture Credit:


Give it up for the muscle women of the world.

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