Bizwomen Talk About Right to Privacy In Digital Times

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The Supreme Court’s verdict on the right to privacy last week is being rightly hailed by citizens as historic. However, besides safeguarding the citizens’ privacy, the judgement is also pivotal to help them lead independent lives.

Privacy in the digital world, however, has its own set of challenges. Our lives are governed by technology, from running huge businesses to marketing oneself, one cannot undermine the role internet is playing in helping us advance ourselves. This increasing dependency on technology and especially the internet has given rise to an important question – How can privacy be ensured in the digital world?

SheThePeople.TV asked some Bizwomen how they ensure privacy in this digital world.

Women’s privacy remains an important concern

Talking about how women’s safety  in the internet age, Latika Wadhwa, Founder of Mompreneur Circle says,” As a woman, privacy means to safeguard ourselves from cyber stalking which is becoming a huge problem these days.”

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She suggests that the only mode to maintain privacy is to keep a check on what you publicly disclose.

Privacy is synonymous with freedom of life and personal liberty. Every person deserves the liberty where they can choose privacy about anything. – Sakshi Talwar

 Personal information on the internet

Sakshi Talwar, Founder of Rugs and Beyond is very happy with the Supreme Court’s verdict on Right to Privacy. 

Emphasising on what privacy means to her, she says that it is synonymous with freedom of life and personal liberty. Every person deserves the liberty where they can choose to be private just about anything. There should not be any intrusion by a third-party in anyone’s life.

She gave us an insight into the various safety measures she takes to stay safe in the digital world. She shares,

“For me, I really do refrain from putting out any personal information out there [internet].I also try to avoid as much as I can about my whereabouts. Lastly, if there is any private information I have to put on the internet, I always try to google the same once in a while to ensure no one misuse it. I also do check for any plagiarism of any content that I have authored from time to time.” 

 More judgments required to ensure privacy

 Saumya Vardaan, Founder of Shubhpuja.com, reiterates on the need to have stricter laws on privacy. She says that it definitely is a progressive judgement, however, today where WhatsApp has access to all my contacts, Google knows each and everything that I search, read and almost think, Amazon knows when my shampoo might finish and needs to be replenished, we really need more such judgments for corporates and digital enterprises alike.

 Switching off digital identities

Deepti Jhangiani, the Let’s Be Outdoorsy’s Founder says we must acknowledge that the worldwide web does not understand limitations of geographical borders. So being constantly up to date is the need of the hour. We may consider switching off our digital identities altogether. “That sounds like a little too far-fetched but it sure seems like a conducive possibility to consider,” she tells.

 Legal restrictions on privacy

Kusha Kalra, Founder of Happy Lives, says,”As an online business entrepreneur, I do agree that there should be legal restrictions on access to anybody’s privacy, on their identity, their online product or even services offered online. Banking on technology for creating smooth systems and processes is good. But on the contrary such a judgment helps to take control of privacy. It also gives us a choice on what and how much we can share or make available for public or govt or online forum.”