Review Finds Martin Bashir Was Not Rehired By BBC To Cover-Up Diana InterviewScandal

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Diana Interview Scandal: According to a review by BBC, Martin Bashir was not rehired by BBC in 2016 in order to cover up the Diana scandal in which Bashir obtained an interview of Princess Diana using deception in 1995.

Ken MacQuarrie who is the former director of nations and regions at BBC said that the theory stating that Martin Bashir was rehired to cover up for the Diana scandal is ‘entirely unfounded.’ Further, he explained the reasons to rehire him as the religion editor at BBC.

What does the review about Martin Bashir’s recruitment say?

MacQuarrie wrote in the 11-page review concluding that Martin Bashir’s recruitment was done on the basis of “his knowledge and experience were considered to be the best match to the requirements for the role at that time.” He further added, “I have found no evidence that Martin Bashir was re-hired to contain and/or cover up the events surrounding the 1995 Panorama programme. In my view, that theory is entirely unfounded.”

BBC director-general Tim Davie has requested Ken MacQuarrie to examine the recruitment process that took place for BBC News’ religious affairs correspondent in September 2016, which culminated with the appointment of Bashir.

What is the theory behind Martin Bashir’s recruitment?

According to the revelations that came up after the report by Lord Dyson published, Martin Bashir’s rehire was termed as ‘scandalous’. This report surfaced following his inquiry into Princess Diana 1995 Panorama interview wherein former MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir used forged bank statement to secure access to the Princess of Wales. Dyson also said it was a serious breach of BBC editorial guidelines.

In the bombshell interview, Princess Diana admitted to having an affair, revealed Prince Charles extra-marital affair with his now-wife Camilla Parker Bowles. She also added that Princess Charles’ staff were waging a campaign against her. Her son, Prince William recently opened up about the scandal after Lord Dyson’s report and blamed Martin Bashir for causing severe damage to his parents’ relationship and the family.