Hurricane Reporter Covers Microphone With Condom, Leave Internet In Splits

Recently, a news reporter used a condom to cover her microphone amidst heavy rainfall in Florida which left the Internet divided over opinions around it.

Bhana Bisht
Sep 29, 2022 13:57 IST
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Reporter Covers Microphone With Condom
Recently, a news reporter used a condom to cover her microphone amidst heavy rainfall in Florida which left the Internet in splits over opinions around it. The reporter Kyla Galer was in the middle of rainfall when she decided to cover her mic with a condom and further protect it from rain. For days now, heavy storms have crept up in the state of Florida with power cuts, flooding and massive powerful winds taking over the place leading to several injuries and some casualties.

The reporter was in Florida covering Hurricane Ian for the NBC channel after the state witnessed a disastrous calamity, considered to be one of the most powerful ones in the history of the United States. Galer's use of the latex device has become a discussion-worthy topic for people across social media, with some people applauding her common sense while some mocking the channel for not going with the latest use of technology to protect a mic from rains.

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Hurricane reporter covers microphone with condom

Kyla Galer was reporting from Florida when she announced during the live feed that people asking her questions regarding what has she covered her mic with, she responded, "A lot of people are asking what is on my mic. Yes, it is what you think. It is a condom."


The battered condition of the place is visible through Galer's video, where she is seen holding a mic covered in a condom. While some people are appreciating her quick thinking, others felt that there could have been other technical specialities to protect the mic from the rain wondering if we are living in 2022.

"Been watching the weather channel people all day not having a problem with their microphones, they don’t need condoms," wrote a Twitter user.

Another user mentioned how we fail to use technology in the right way and that Galer could have opted for something else other than a condom. "It's 2022. No one has taken the time to develop something specifically for this?" she mentioned. Taking the conversation ahead a user replied to the have comment writing, "Yes, they did use. She is using it."

While people both used humour and surprise around the topic, some people were just stunned at the idea of using a condom on the mic. While many humoured, many people were just curious over the fact that with the technology available with big media channels, why did Galer need to use anything else in the first place to protect her mic from the rains.

"They could try, I don't know, not standing outside in the middle of a hurricane!!", wrote a Twitter user.

The storms in the United States which are moving with the massive speed of the wind, are described as one of the worst in the country's history. Florida is currently facing a deadly 155mph hurricane. Over two million homes have been without electricity currently owing to the storm. Officials have described the storm to be life-threatening, which has made more than a million people in Florida evacuate their homes and places of business.

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