Reclaim Your Life: 10 Things to Help You Center

Free yourself

Caught up in our daily lives, we often pause to think, how do we make life interesting and perhaps a tad more meaningful? Well, there are many ways to invigorate yourself, and we thought we would list out a few. This is shout out to women young or old, of all shapes and sizes to come out of your shell and explore life.

1.       A solo trip

Yes! This is always a good idea. Now I know, I know that safety is a concern. But still, I encourage women to go for a solo trip.  It would not only make you feel much stronger, it would also double up the organising skills and make you feel super confident to be on your own.  Of course, one needs to be secure at all times, more so when it’s a woman, but that should not stop you from making this ever-so-empowering decision in your life.

2.       Volunteer for a cause

We are women and a tad bit more sensitive and we need to use this in a good way. A cause could be anything you personally feel inclined towards- animals, elderly people, underprivileged kids, basically anyone or anything. Even as we undertake our own struggles for equality, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to help others through theirs. Fight for those who require it the most.

3.       Read read read

I cannot endorse it enough. There is just SO MUCH information out there. I mean to put up a good debate, we need to have good arguments, right? Otherwise everything just boils down to a rant. There is absolutely no age for learning, so if you think that at 50 you are not supposed to read, you are wrong. This year increase that reading habit and learn about the things you always wanted to.

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Woman reading book

Read as much as you can ( Picture Credit: huffingtonpost.com)

4.       Discuss girl issues with all genders 

Gossip is good, but discussing things that matter in the long run is better. So break the monotony, question where needed, and find your own answers. It’s the best way to go and a feministic conversation is good to start with.

5.       A little something for the people on the streets

Go to that slum near your house and spend a day talking with people living there. A good hearty chat or play with the kids. Give a meal to the people on the streets or distribute candies to those children you meet on your way to the office. I am sure their smiles will instantly lighten up your day.

6.       Attend conversational events

Going for discussions and talks enlightens us in ways we could not have imagined otherwise,  We humans are social creatures and with interactions, we only learn new things and new perspectives. It is very important for us to have a holistic view to form an opinion. Ditch a concert for a meaningful event and I guarantee that you will feel ten-folds more awakened and aware.

7.       Empower/inspire women around you

We often miss out on the people around us in our struggle to set the world right. Remember, charity starts from your own house. So, encourage your mother to follow her passion. It could be something as small as going for a salsa dance class, she always wanted to or a writing class she sacrificed in taking care of you. It could be your friend who hesitates from letting her guard down and just do what she really wants. Sometimes societal pressure bogs women down. We need to be our own guardian angels and pull their spirits up. Let #WomenInspireWomen

8.       Teach an underprivileged child

This will undoubtedly give you the most happiness. And the kid will always remember you as “Teacher Didi”. There are so many, literally so many kids around us who do not get the education that we get. Their parents either don’t have enough money to put them in a private school or simply refuse to give away that extra source of income. Change happens when you work at the ground level and that’s where we need to start.

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Meditation contributes greatly to a positive frame of mind  (Picture Credit: businessnewsdaily.com)

9.       Learn a new skill

It is said that its never too late to learn something new. So, take up a sport, learn dancing, baking, a new kind of art or a class or even something unique like rock climbing. Get creative, push your limits and get on with it.

10.   Unload the tension and meditate

At the end of a productive day, we feel so drained out that we get cranky or feel annoyed at silly things. To calm yourself down after an intense day, just meditate. If we have to go on and on in our busy lives, we have to find a way to let go of our negativity and retain  that positivity. And what better way than by meditating. Make it a habit for about half an hour and see a visible change in your personality.

Feature Image Credit: Ana Martinez Your Story On She The People