Reasons to Detox From Social Media, Oh Yes There Are Enough!

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Do you invariably open Facebook, Instagram or Twitter every time you find yourself bored for even a minute? I know I used to, so much so that when I tried to delete my account, my fingers would automatically go to the position that the Facebook app used to be on my phone! Social media can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a time drag. Sometimes one can spend hours endlessly scrolling without even realising. So take the leap, disconnect and enjoy some time without social media.

Here is why you should take a social media detox:

1. You Can Pursue Your Hobbies

Have you been meaning to take that dance or yoga class, but just don’t have the time. Well disconnecting from social media will suddenly open up swathes of time that you didn’t know you could have. And not having easy access to Facebook or Instagram will force you to get out there and interact with the world.

2. You Will Be Freer to Be Unconventional

Do you feel that every time you open your Facebook page, someone is getting engaged, married or having kids. What if you are in a live-in relationship, or marriage isn’t even on your mind. Well you will out yourself less if you compare yourself less with other people.

3. You Will Be More Present

Do you find yourself partly enjoying a good view or a some delicious food because you also know it will make a great picture for Instagram. If you take a social media detox you can concentrate fully on enjoying the moment you are in, without thinking about how you will curate it later.

4. You Will Have Higher Self Esteem

Studies have shown that the more people use social media, the more their self-esteem gets hit. This is because they compare themselves with the glossy images of other people’s lives that they are exposed to.

In a previous article, psychologist Sonali Gupta also highlights the impact of social media on teenage girls, who sometimes feel insecure about their bodies because of the airbrushed pictures they see.

5. You Will Become More Outgoing

Contrary to popular belief, you will become more outgoing if you stop chatting with your friends online. Because you will be forced to call them up and go meet them. And this can be much more fulfilling than spending your time in chat rooms!

6. You Won’t Be Bombarded With too Much Information

The internet is a treasure trove of information. You can find out anything you want anytime. But sometimes social media throws up click bait articles, and random videos that do not add so much value to your intellect. Why not spend the time you watch cat videos,  reading a good book instead?

By the way a new study shows that the number of people who want to quit social media is more than the number of people who want to quit smoking in 2017!

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