8 ways to spruce up social media strategy

Komal Nathani
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With the enhancing buzz of social media on web, the brands and the companies of all sectors are adopting a pioneer change in a bid to effectively market themselves in the digital world.  Considering the scattered audiences on social media, there is certainly no singular approach to go about social media marketing on web. With the diversity of audiences, there are almost as varied kinds of strategies and techniques as types of people, whom the companies have to sell their products or services to. The increasing presence of a role of social media strategist has become prominent now days.


To press the right chord and to gain leverage on social media, adopt these 8 ways which can help you become an ace social media strategist.

  • An Ultimate Headline leads

A creative headline does catch eyeballs on social media. Your Tweet and Facebook caption makes difference in clicking post on various home pages of social media. No matter how much money you spent on running paid campaigns, but if the headlines or the captions of post not interesting then you may not receive the traffic you’d expect.

  • Produce consistent quality content

Content is the real ‘king’ in social media which regulates and customize everything from C-T-A to gaining higher ROIs. While putting content on social media, a good strategist should be aware about the demand and supply formula. Identify and understand your target audience, and supply them the content what they demand for. Simple as that!

  • Use of attractive visual images

Do not make your social media page or post look bland. Strong and attractive images can help you get more clicks, and this is considered to be as one of the top social media strategies for growth. There are also various resources through which you can edit pictures as per your requirement. Give a quote, change its colours and brightness or take help of any editing tool, make the visual look very interesting.

  • Be organized with Social Media Schedule Snapshot

If you wish to look all the social media activities you did at one place in a handy schedule. Then, it is easily possible. Take the quick help from tools like CoSchedule, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and have your editorial calendar in an instant. With the status, date and content of report it will display the information of every post along with its insights. You can easily check what you are missing out on or what better you could do in next time.

  • Build a great Social Media Strategy

There is no set-strategy to follow for a social media strategist though. All one could follow a routine patten of taking a note of all important social media updates, creating a good content strategy and tracking the progress. There are varied resources which can help improve management.

  • Be data driven and motivate yourself to do better

Always check for updates in analytics page to get an idea of digits how well is you doing and what needs to be improved in it. Numbers of analytics will motivate you to work even better.

  • Be consistent and engaging with readers

Being consistent with the focus on achieving the desired results will help you bring higher engagement on social media. Follow-up the same pattern every day with new ideas and innovation in it and the results will be visible in the analytical results. Avoid too much of changing in follow-up pattern without any plan or vision, it sometimes ruin the social media strategy.

  • Try and focus every fan or follower, instead of sticking to “unique”

It’s tempting though to work on marketing ideas considering a “unique” part of followers on social media. But if you at a time, communicate in two different ways to your audience, they may get confused and don’t continue further following it.

 Whether you are running a social media campaign or optimizing an ongoing initiative, the sole aim of a social media strategist is to divert more and more traffic on websites and gain as many conversions. With certain limitations and changes in advertising concepts, there are also many processes which companies gain on social media. From trying your hunches out to speaking your creativity in front of the largest-reach medium at present, social media is the platform of emerging new ideas along with major stakes of profits.


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