Read How The GST Will Impact Wallets Of Women

GST and impact on Women

Goods and Services Tax is going to have an impact on all of our lives. Some are calling it the “biggest tax reform” since independence. While the tax slots have been decided and different commodities and services have been assigned against them we are looking at the lists that will impact women.


Goods like bindi, Sindoor, Kajal, Bangles which are specifically used by women come under no tax slot. There are the items used by a larger population of women pan India and so there is no overhead tax on these products under the GST reform policy.


The GST tax rate claims that 5% tax will be levied on clothing items below Rs.1000. Beyond this, it will go up to 12% tax and synthetic and other manmade fibres will attract a higher tax of 18 per cent. This is opposed to natural fibres except silk and jute as natural fibres will be placed at 5% tax.

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The current launch of tax rates do not include valuable items like gold and rough diamond which will attract the current rate slab ambit and will be taxed at 3% and 0.25% respectively.


While the normal Kajal is supposed to not charge any tax, a kajal stick will be charged at a high 18% tax rate. Another most controversial product –Sanitary products— that is useful to every woman but isn’t accessible as widely has been been made tougher to access because of its hiked up tax rate. It has generated huge uproar from women’s groups and yet the GST council has turned a deaf ear to the calls and protests. #LahuKaLagaan- is a nation wide protest to stop taxing of sanitary products.


The GST Council has set a tax rate of 18% on grooming and beauty-related services at salons. This is higher than the current 15% that women pay for getting parlour services. Cosmetics which are currently charged at somewhere between 17.5-27% will be charged at 28% tax rate.

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