Bhopal Honour Killing: Man Rapes Daughter, Strangles Her To Death For Intercaste Marriage

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In a shocking case of honour killing in Bhopal, a man reportedly raped and killed his daughter after she married a man from a different caste out of choice. The incident occurred earlier this month, coming to light only after ten days over the weekend, when the woman’s body was found thrown in the Kathotiya forest. The man, as well as his son who conspired to murder the woman, have both been arrested.

The woman was married to a man from the neighbouring area of Sehore over a year ago. She reportedly left home last month to go to her sister’s house after a fight with her husband, Times of India reports. While there, she tragically lost her five-month-old son on Diwali due to pneumonia. Her father and brother visited the home in Ratibad where she was staying and on the pretext of conducting the baby’s last rites, took his body and her to the forest.

The man reportedly sexually assaulted the woman while his son kept watch to ensure no people came. He then strangled her to death. She was 24 years old. Both the deceased bodies were left lying in the forest.

Honour Killing In Bhopal: Disturbing Case Comes To Light, What You Should Know

As per reports, the woman’s murder was pre-planned. Her brother and father were not in favour of her intercaste love marriage and were already planning to kill her. After leaving her and her baby in the forest, they returned home and told her elder sister everything.

The late woman’s husband was reportedly unaware of her whereabouts and had been enquiring about her and their son after she left home following the fight. He allegedly even threatened her sister’s landlord in the matter.

The two decomposed bodies, of the woman and her baby, were found when a forest guard noticed them on November 14. Police arrested the two accused from their home in Bilkisganj, Sehore. More on honour killing cases.

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