Randi Zuckerberg’s take on how mentoring helps women

Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi Zuckerberg is no less a celebrity herself. She is a recognized businesswoman and former panellist on Forbes on Fox, Spokeswoman for Facebook and much more. She left all of that to start something of her own. And she came up with “Dot Complicated” a digital lifestyle website, a radio series and a book, all with the same name.

Recently, Randi helped mentor two female comedians Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula of Blogologues in a highly male-dominated choice of career. According to Randi, they were good at being comedians but couldn’t garner as much visibility. Which is where Randi came to help them and they in turn helped Randi in public speaking while mentoring a group of people.

“I love to sing and perform, but giving keynote speeches to a rapt audience without music was an entirely new animal. So I had the idea to use some humorous nuggets of their work in my own products. In return, they definitely forced me to stretch beyond my own comfort zone when it comes to public speaking. Ours was a relationship built on support for one another. Plus, we each learned a brand new skill,” said Randi on women mentoring each other and benefitting from it.

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Randi is highly passionate about getting more women into the workspace, which is why; she mentors and encourages women-founded start-ups. She has acted as a navigator to most women and herself who dealt with situations like working while being pregnant, giving direction to a mostly male venture capital landscape and attracting visibility in a crowded market.

Randi helped the two comedians by giving them the extra push they needed up the hill by influencing their decisions in the right direction. On being asked how to engage in a mutually transformative and satisfying mentorship relationship, her answer is communication.

“Communication is the key.

Ask more questions, give more answers, and always listen to both.

Most people are honoured by the request to be a mentor, so don’t be afraid to aim high and ask the person you admire most if they can help you with a bit of advice,” says Randi.

Source- Forbes

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