Rajasthan Woman Sets Example, Gets Her Daughter-In-Law Married After Teaching Her

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While the state of Rajasthan grapples with many cases of dowry deaths and child marriages around the state, a woman from Rajasthan has set an example by truly caring for her daughter-in-law after the death of her son.

As per reports, the woman named Kamala Devi resides in Fatehpur Shekhawati of Rajasthan. Her younger son Shubham died due to a brain stroke a few months after being married in 2016. He had gone to pursue an MBBS degree in Kyrgyzstan of Central Asia and died there.

Rajasthan Woman Remarries Daughter-in-law After Educating Her:

Kamala Devi not only remarried her daughter-in-law after that but also made her complete the Bachelors in Education program and take up various competitive examinations. As a result of this, she was qualified to the degree of Grade 1 lecturer in History. Devi herself is a teacher at a government school.

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The daughter-in-law, Sunita is currently serving as the teacher at Nainasar Sumeria of Sardar city in Churu district.
After five years, she married her daughter-in-law to a person named Mukesh with much pomp in her village and people are appreciating her move. She is commended for being a mother to her daughter-in-law and setting a glorifying example for the future.

In an interview, Kamala Devi said that her son Shubham met with Sunita in a program. When he informed them regarding the girl, the family went to the girl’s house for taking the matter further. The girl’s family was not in sound financial condition as the custom goes in their village, they still offered to give dowry but Devi reportedly denied. She recalled how destiny had planned something else for the couple.

Kamala Devi considers Sunita as her son and feels that the girl who brought happiness to Devi’s family and her parents will spread happiness in Mukesh’s home as well. Her elder son Rajat Bangwara told media that the Devi took care of Sunita more than her kids after the death of Shubham and Sunita was also obedient to her and followed whatever she said.

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