Teen Traumatised From Eve-Teasing Now Trains Others In Self Defence

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A teen who was once traumatised after eve-teasing now inspires and trains many more girls towards self defence. Here’s her story.

A teen, Shivani Sisodia of Bharatpur, Rajasthan, looks like a normal schooling kid until you see her contribution to society at such a young age. The 18-year-old girl shares valuable self defence tricks with a group of 100 girls in the Rajasthan Karatians School. Currently, pursuing her education in 2nd Year BA. Post her college, Sisodia contributes her time in training young girls so that they can defend themselves.

Sisodia had faced an adverse incident earlier. Two years ago when Sisodia was in Class 10, she and her friend were going home. On their way back, the two got surrounded by a group of boys who tried to molest them. The boys started passing lewd comments and were eve-teasing the girls. The boys had attempted to molest them but the girls screamed and fled.

Shivani Sisodia was traumatised by this incident and decided to do something about it. Further, she took training in self-defence and decided to train others as well. Sisodia said in an interview, ” I should be a stronger person to defend myself in any situation. I am blessed to have a wonderful trainer who has taught me basic survival skills and self-defence techniques.” Sisodia is now an inspiration to many to fight back.

Onkar Pancholi, the director of Karatians School Rajasthan and a certified NIS martial art trainer plus black belt, gave a statement to Indiatimes saying, “Our school teaches girls some self-defence techniques. But Shivani’s skill levels surpass those of most teenagers of her age. She is also a national level judo player who won a silver medal two years back at a national tournament in Punjab. She also has a special style in training girls to combat eve-teasers and she gets deeply involved with her students.”