The India Case: Raising sons the right way can transform a society

Charvi Kathuria
Jan 31, 2017 04:18 IST
Gender equality

Family is the most fundamental unit of Indian society. Children observe their parents' behaviour and try to emulate the same. However, the recent spurt in harassment cases is testimony to the fact that families are not raising their sons properly. While girls are trained to be submissive, what message are we giving to our sons?


SheThePeople.TV interviewed some new-age mothers to know about their philosophy on raising their sons the right way.

By being the ideal parents

Garima Chhabra, a mother of two sons living in Delhi, says,


"Raising sons with the correct mindset is very important. I personally feel that sons learn a lot about women from the way their mothers are treated. We, as parents, can teach them the right things about women by ensuring that our husbands treat us properly. We must refrain from fighting over issues in front of them."

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By Educating them on gender issues


Sumita Goel, a homemaker from Mumbai , believes in the power of education and awareness. She shares,

"I have no qualms in accepting the fact that Indian society is clueless about how to raise a son. The parenting model is directed towards daughters only. I do not have a son. If I had one, I would  educate him about the sexism that exists in society and advise him to stay away from it".

By Breaking stereotypes.


Indian society perpetuates stereotypes and labelling. The moment a child is born, he or she is expected to behave a certain way, dress up a certain way which steals away the charm of growing up.

Nalini Mehra, homemaker in Delhi, has similar views.

"Parents ask their kids to confine to some gender stereotypes. Boys start developing irrational perceptions about both the genders like boys don't cry and girls are fragile.I think parents should make their sons aware of the gender bias that exists in the society so that it doesn't affect their decisions in life."

By shaping specific gender-roles

Sheena Chaudhary is very particular about the lessons she gives to her kids. She doesn't believe in gender roles and feels that its the only way to raise feminist sons.

"I teach both by daughter and my son to cook.. My daughter never makes my son's projects. My husband and I do the household chores together(so that my son knows his wife isn't obliged to do so). Rather than narrating cliche hero stories I share real life incidents where both men and women proved to be their own heroes. Both my kids get dolls as well as fighter planes to play with."

It is good to see that Indian parents are adopting the practical knowledge required to raise feminist sons. We envision a world where men fight for women's rights with as much enthusiasm as women do.

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Charvi is an intern with SheThePeople.TV

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