Raipur Cops Fulfill 11-Yr-Old’s Wish To Be Police Officer

Raipur Police give Sania a Surprise

The Raipur Police has given 11-year-old Sania Sahu the best birthday present ever — they made her a police inspector for a day, on her birthday. Sania, who is visually impaired and is suffering from a life-threatening kidney disease, had wanted to dress up as a police officer on her birthday. Her father tried to get a uniform by asking around, but could not get hold of one.

When the Raipur police were made aware of Sania’s request, they threw her a party and even gave her a police uniform.

Raipur SP Sanjeev Shukla told PTI, “Sania is visually-impaired since her birth and is undergoing dialysis every day for at least six hours for her kidney disease. She wanted to wear a police uniform on her birthday, which is on January 14.”

“Although her father tried to arrange the uniform from the market to fulfil her wish, the shopkeepers refused him, citing requirement of necessary documents for it. Thereafter, he contacted the SP office, following which, in consultation with senior officials, we agreed to fulfil her wish,” Shukla said.

The photos were shared on the Raipur police’s Facebook page and have been doing the rounds on social media, with hundreds of comments pouring in about the heartwarming nature of the police’s gesture.

Sania is beaming in all her pictures, surrounded by her family and the generous policemen of Raipur, who had even decorated the office for the occasion.

Raipur Police give Sania a Surprise

Source: Raipur Police Facebook Page

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