Quotes that inspire: 5 Indian women Olympians to be set their goals

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Quotes that inspire: 5 Indian women Olympians to be set their goals

Tick-tock. Rio countdown is here. Over 10,000 athletes from more than 200 countries participating in Rio and for India, this year’s Olympics is a big focus because a lot of women players are in full force present there to represent the country. Competition initiates on Wednesday, August 3 with women's soccer and on Friday, don't forget to capture Rio's Opening Ceremony.


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We capture the thoughts of some of our best ahead of the games.

Saina Nehwal Quote On Olympics

“I realized that the key to success at the Olympics is to enjoy oneself and not get affected by the pressures that usually accompany these Games. I learnt the hard way that pressure can destroy your game. I do not play anywhere close to my potential when I am stressed.” 

Getting into the Olympics gloves, the ace Indian shooter Heena Sidhu’s those inspiring words are still ablaze:



Heena Sidhu

“The margin between victory and defeat is so thin at the Olympics. Anger is not a good emotion to have at a crucial time like that. All these incidents have gone into my notebook for future reference.”

While archer Deepika Kumari has been a role model for the nation, her determined statements surely give us goosebumps:

Deepika Kumari Deepika Kumari, archer ( Picture

“I was focused, and losing never even crossed my mind. At the Olympic Games, it’s not just the athlete, but the entire nation that wants a medal.”

Shooter Apurvi Chandela is a new rising star but her words tell otherwise:


Apurvi Chandela_1

“I play every match with the intention of giving my best, and I think it’s normal to have pressure of performing well. I also had it in the first match I ever played, but I am getting used to it now since I’ve competed in so many competitions and gained more experience.”

A debutant at Rio Olympics this year, Ayonika Paul is that one young athlete everyone should look out for:

The Determined Shooter - Ayonika Paul The Determined Shooter - Ayonika Paul (Pic Credits:

“I am happy about it and for me, I always love to play with a bit of pressure. Whatever preparations had to be done, are done, right now I am just polishing my techniques.”


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