Quick Facts about Clara and how amazing a musician she was

Clara Rockmore may have faded in the current times. But Google’s Doodle reminded us all about the Lithuanian virtuosa performer of the Theremin. Theremin is a popular electronic musical instrument invented during the Russian Civil War by Leon Theremin. She is till date Theremin’s most reputed player. In the 1900s, Clara was such a huge player that Leon himself gave her his self-invented instrument and modified it later.

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Here are some quick facts about the stalwart, who used to floor everyone during her concerts-

  • Clara started her musical journey quite early on in her life. She started at a very young age with playing violin and became well-known for playing it. However, she could not take the physical strain that came with practising the instrument for long hours. So she had to quit playing it. Sometime later she involved herself with playing the Theremin and excelled in it.
  • She is till date the most celebrated player of the theremin and her relationship with the inventor went beyond the instrument. They were close enough for Clara to recommend modifying the instrument and it did happen. With Clara’s suggestion, came out a newer, better and performer-centric instrument.
  • Clara was a perfectionist and her knowledge of the instrument goes on to the level of being absolute. She got the most precise and controlled movement of gestures required to operate the instrument.
  • Even when Clara found fame in a young age, she did not bring out any recorded material until she was 66 years of age. She only performed in live shows in the US and did tours in the states.
Theremin player, Clara Rockmore

Clara Rockmore’s Google Doodle

  • At five, Clara is till date the youngest student who got an admission in the St Petersburg Imperial Conservatory. At only two, Clara could identify melodies on the piano.
  • She was born as Clara Reisenberg but she is remembered by the surname that she picked after her marriage with Robert Rockmore.
  • Her personal Theremin is displayed at the Artist’s Gallery of the Musical Instruments Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. And a certain Sherman family has loaned it.

Picture Credit- Youtube