PV Sindhu's Diet: Here's What Is On The Menu For India's Olympic Medalist

PV Sindhu diet is focused mainly on control of weight, hydration and the recovery system through protein-rich foods.

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PV Sindhu Diet: Badminton player PV Sindhu picked a bronze during the Tokyo Olympics beating Chinese He Binjao. With this, she has now got two Olympic medals including the Silver at the Rio Olympics. But one wonders what she eats to keep herself that focussed and agile on court.

PV Sindhu defeated He Bing Jiao in straight games to clinch the bronze medal at the Tokyo Games and become the first Indian woman to win two individual Olympic medals.

Sindhu picked the Bronze in two decisive sets, keeping her calm and giving the game her best. Let's have a look at PV Sindhu's diet.

  • Sindhu’s diet is focused mainly on control of weight, hydration and the recovery system through protein-rich foods.
  • Her breakfast is full of proteins including milk and eggs. She also eats fruits in the morning. During training, she eats a snack in between sessions like dry fruits to keep her fresh and energised.
  • She eat rice daily both for lunch and dinner. She eats vegetables along with it. She doesn't cook herself. Her mother looks after all of that.
  • During tournaments, she eats rice with chicken.
  • She also goes for a blood test every two months to monitor her vitals. Her diet is then tweaked accordingly.
  • After winning a match, she likes to gorge on fast food like cakes, pastries, ice cream and chocolates.
  • Talking about what helps her recover fast after a game, she says that bananas, protein shake and snack bars are her three go-to items. She also relies on snack bars that help in replenishing her energy after an intense training session. "I usually make it a point to eat something within half an hour after my match and then do my stretches and relax for a bit.", she said.

Here's what PV Sindhu eats.

Breakfast Protein-rich food including eggs, milk and fruits
Lunch and Dinner Rice with vegetables
During Tournament rice with chicken
During training session bananas, protein shake and snack bars

She also revealed that professional athletes fast food at times like noodles, spaghetti and pasta but they are cooked in veggies and little oil. Hyderabadi biryani tops her list of cheat meals.

Srikanth Varma, her coach said in an interview with NDTV mentioned that she had customised a high-performance fitness programme specifically for her. Her game, her body type, her strength levels were kept in mind for before designing a regime for her. He also added that the medal contender stuck to a strict regime of training for two and a half hours, six days of the week to this high-intensity schedule.

What she doesn't eat

PV Sindhu stays away from ice-creams and other junk food like burger and oily food.

PV Sindhu's win at the Olympics in Tokyo is phenomenal for Indian sport. As the first Indian to win two Olympic medals in individual sport, she will inspire many other women to take up the sport and push new boundaries.


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